Q: Who is KidRunner for?

A: Parents who want to combine fitness, freedom and performance using the only kid jogger designed to do the things you love instead of trade them.

Q: When can I get a KidRunner

A: With our new partnership with WEEHOO we are able to ship globally in approx. 9 months. 

Q: How does KidRunner work?

A:KidRunner was designed for performance, comfort, safety and beauty. It works by incorporating advanced materials and design to give runners and adventurers hands and arms free bio mechanic efficiency. The patented, ‘Harmonic Damping System (HDS)’ insulates the motion of the runner from the seat to ensure runner comfort and a smooth kid ride. There’s nothing like it.

Q: What’s different about it?

A:KidRunner is the world’s only hands/arms free kid jogger on the market. It is at least 15% more bio mechanically efficient, 35% lighter than the competition, enables great running form to reduce injuries and can go almost anywhere. It easily breaks down making it easy to move around. 

Q: what types of terrain can I go on with KidRunner?

A:Great Question!  Some of our earliest prototypes where based on finding a way to jog with our kids on the beach.  Inherently, standard kid joggers PLOW rather than FLOAT up and over terrain, including sand.  Anyone with a stroller im sure has faced this many times..Being able to take KidRunner in terrain that we couldnt do with a stroller is why the KidRunner looks and works the way it does.  

Q: Are there different size harnesses?

A:We have a standard size that fits waists from 24″ to 37″. Should you need something that is on either end of that spectrum, please let us know and we will accommodate a custom size for you!!

Q: tell me more about the harness

A:We have collected years of  telemetry from our runners on what makes a comfortable harness for running.  Everything from the shape of the belt, to the texture of the lining, to the location of the belt on your waist has been tried and tested.  We find our present solution to be very comfortable. We have raced up to half marathons with KidRunner and have never felt pinching or hot spots.

To explain further: what happens is that once you get going with KidRunner, its designed to find a balance and “float” behind you… rather than a constant tug as many might think.  the loads on the harness are therefore small which equates to less work the harness needs to do.

Q: how do I put on and wear the harness? up high, or lower?

A: We find there are two types of runners with the belt: some where it high on their waist, while others like it low engaging their hip bones.  We encourage runners to try both and see what if feels like and how it effects the ride of your kid. 

Q: how stable is it? I see some videos of it and it looks a bit shaky?

A:Like any new sports technology on the market, KidRunner was an evolution to become what it is now.  Instead of removing older videos showing early prototypes in various states of development, we decided to keep them to show the community how the product (or really sport) has evolved.  Even in the old prototypes, all the kids loved it and most still wanted to be in a KidRunner more than a traditional stroller!  We took that as a compliment! 

Q: what does KidRunner FEEL LIKE when running?

A:what happens is that once you get going with KidRunner, its designed to find a balance and “float” behind you… rather than a constant tug as many might think.  the loads on the harness are therefore small which equates to less work the harness needs to do.

Q: will there be any How-to instructions?

A: Absolutely!  along with our blog which will chart the fabrication of KidRunner, we will be releasing videos on running with and handling KidRunner.

Q: Is there a learning curve to using KidRunner?

A: Great question:  Now of course a parent can simply strap kidrunner on and go for a run right of the bat… What we find is that many people attempt to try to “outsmart” KidRunner by trying to run differently, thinking this will make KidRunner work “better”. Once you get comfortable and start running naturally, things really smooth out.  According to our World champion runner and trainer Max King, KidRunner rewards good running form… so like all sports, there is always room for improvement:)

Q: Is KidRunner Safe?

A:KidRunner was designed for performance and safety and meets/exceeds stroller industry safety standards. A five point harness and an aircraft grade cockpit keeps them secure, but keep in mind, parent digression is always the best bet for safety!

Q: What is the age and weight limits for kids?

A:Kids can range from 6mnths to about 4.5 years and from 10lbs to 50lbs.

Q: Do you recommend kids wear a helmet?

A:KidRunner is very safe. We always recommend that kids wear helmets when doing something active on roads, trails, etc.

Q: Do kids get nervous riding behind instead of in front of their parents?

A: Its been very interesting: we have noticed that most if not all kids seem to enjoy seeing their parent in front of them.  In some ways, it makes perfect sense having comfort in this scenario.  It also may be a reason why so many kids get so comfortable in KidRunner that they fall asleep! Many kids who will last maybe 20 minutes in a traditional stroller are fine going for 2 to 4 times that long.  Your results might vary but one of our ambassadors’ kids who rode in a KidRunner  in a half marathon hadnt been in a stroller in months as he always wanted out of his push stroller after 10 minutes!

Q: How portable is KidRunner?

A:KidRunner is lightweight, compact and easy to breakdown. It easily fits in the trunk of any standard car, the back seat, etc.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A:KidRunner weighs about 25 lbs; 30% less than traditional kid joggers. Imagine running or trail hiking or walking on the beach starting 15 to 20 lbs lighter than today’s joggers.

Q: Is KidRunner patented?

A:Yes. Two patents have been issued for performance and safety and two more are pending.

Q: is KidRunner adjustable for different parents and/or kids?

A:There are two main methods of adjusting KidRunner.  First, the “bow” which connects parent to cockpit, can be lengthened or shortened by 7 inches.. this equates to +/- 7 inches of difference in inseam which is quite a bit.  

second, the cockpit has an adjustment which pivots the cockpit forward and backward to adjust the balance of the cockpit.  This adjustment is recommended to do once you receive your kidrunner and is something that is easy and not frequently needed to do.  Some runners like to “tweak” these adjustments often in search of higher performance, while others just go with it and run away!  

Q: Can you race with KidRunner?

A:Our KidRunner ambassadors including world champion Max King have won competitive races with KidRunner…and their kids! We are seeing more and more kid joggers at the races and trust this will continue.  Race a standard kid jogger with a KidRunner and see what happens!

Q: Are you going to make a KidRunner for 2 kids

A: This is probably our single most asked question: The answer is Yes!  but we felt a single was the best entry point into the market for us. stay tuned!